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The Mental Health Awareness Committee (MHAC), is a student group based at Queen's University. It is dedicated to raising awareness about mental illness and reducing the stigma that has become ingrained in the discussion of mental health, primarily through contact-based education. MHAC acts to provide information about resources both on and off campus to students. MHAC strives to be anti-oppressive and non-judgemental, and works to educate around the intersection of mental illness and mental health with other facets of oppression and identity.




Niana Lavallee

Campus Outreach


Being a member of the Mental Health Awareness Committee (MHAC) has been one of the highlights of my undergraduate career! I have been involved with MHAC for the past 3 and a half years and could not be more proud of what this committee has developed in to. My role this year involved facilitating mental health training to various clubs and student societies on campus. This training works to educate around the intersection of mental illness and mental health with other facets of oppression and identity. Through these presentations, working alongside other clubs, and speaking with students on campus, I learned more about what it means to be a mental health advocate. Join a club that welcomes diversity, initiative, and passion for mental health and wellness. Apply today!


Jill Ferguson

First Year Representative


I am the first 1st year rep MHAC has had, and I enjoyed every minute of my experience on this committee. I worked alongside the co-chairs of MHAC for the majority of the year which involved assisting them with planning and organizing events around campus. Other sub-committees also reached out to me when they needed some extra help. There was also a wide variety of extra volunteer opportunities for me to take part of within this committee which ended up being a great experience, also another thing to add to my resume! I have not only received a wide variety of experiences from this position but I also learned a lot throughout my journey with MHAC. I have made some great friends along the way and the committee is full of caring, supportive people. Would 100% recommend this position for anyone who is considering applying in 1st year!


Samantha Rivas



Being a part of the Mental Health Awareness Committee and the Intersectionality subcommittee I have had the privilege to meet like-minded individuals who decide to put their thoughts and efforts into mental health advocacy. I was given an outlet to not only express my own personal thoughts and feelings surrounding mental health but also the organic environment to learn and explore subtopics that I may have not been comfortable with before. A common misconception is that only those suffering from mental illness suffer from mental health-- everyone is impacted by their mental health whether that be negative or positive. For this reason I strongly believe that mental health awareness and resources need to be on the national agenda to lead to improvements in policy and service development. Joining this highly motivated group was my first step of many in working towards a world that accepts and encourages mental health wellness.

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